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Support Us: Support for Facilities

The Linde + Robinson Laboratory features several unique facilities providing investigators with the most advanced tools to pursue their research and foster the center's educational program. Gifts toward The Linde + Robinson Lab will be a lasting investment in research aimed at understanding the climate system and protecting the Earth's future. Naming opportunities for these facilities begin at $250,000.

To learn more about supporting our facilities, please contact Ellen Jampol, Senior Director of Development, at (626) 395-4374 or at

Facilities in Need of Support


Environmental Analysis Center

Providing researchers with an important baseline of environmental data, the EAC houses sophisticated instrumentation to examine pollutants in groundwater, date prehistoric fossils, and analyze the composition of smog.


Environmental Chemistry and Technology Laboratory

Sunlight from the building's solar telescope is focused into photolysis reactors in the lab, where artificial photosynthesis processes are developed to convert water and carbon dioxide into fuels. Additionally, new technologies are developed for storing electric energy in batteries and for treating water.


Clean Room

In this unique, metal-free room, researchers make high-precision measurements of tiny traces of metals and radioactive isotopes found in ocean water, corals, and stalagmites to reveal the conditions of the oceans in the past.


Atmospheric Chamber

This chamber allows scientists from around the world to study, in a precisely controllable laboratory setting, the chemical reactions that produce urban smog and atmospheric particulates.


Laboratory for Atmospheric Chemical Physics

Investigators in this laboratory study interactions of light with molecules in the atmosphere to determine how pollution forms, and to measure atmospheric concentrations of aerosols and greenhouse gases.


High-Precision Spectroscopy Laboratory

Housed in a copper-encased room with specially designed acoustic and electromagnetic insulation, this noise-free lab allows Caltech scientists to achieve remarkably precise laser measurements of greenhouse gases, aerosols, and atmospheric trace constituents.


Classroom and Conference Room

The building’s former library, which houses a new classroom and a conference room with modern teleconferencing facilities, forms the educational hub of the Linde Center.



Caltech researchers are most productive when they can easily interact, and the balcony space serves as a popular meeting point for conversations and breaks.

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